Jump height Changing

I am working on my game with 2 different computers, school and home. After doing a lot of work last night on my home computer, my jump height was different on my school computer. The number value was the same, and I don’t think I accidentally changed any gravity or density values. I quickly just lowered the number value by 2 (18-16) and it was back to the proper jump height. I am currently on my home computer again, and I was suddenly not jumping high enough anymore. I changed the value by 2 again, (16-18, the original value) and am again getting the proper jump height.
Although this is an easy fix, I am worried that more values that aren’t as easy to fix will change, or that the game just won’t work for other people Please let me know if this is bug, or if I’m doing something wrong.

It’s likely due to performance, I’m assuming one of your devices is experiencing much more lag than another. Though Flowlab is typically good at handling it and making it the same between devices

My home computer is definitely much stronger than my school one, but I don’t think that’s it. My school computer is made for photoshop and illustrator so its not like its terrible, and I haven’t had any visible lag.
You obviously know more about this site than I do, so please let me know if lag really is the problem, and if there’s a way to mitigate the issue. Thank you though!

This is a strange issue, I might agree with @CodeAlpaca on this because it is likely, because it’s a school computer, that lag may be the issue.

Could you provide a link and I’ll see it’s working for me.
Also, what’s browser are you using? Typically doesn’t matter but there are some with slight differences

I have realized that it might be the browser I am using…? My main browser is Brave, but when I tried using Opera GX, the issue was there again.
Anyways here’s the link - Flowlab Game Creator - Fodder
The character should only be able to jump a little more than 3 blocks high, and mushrooms should be the same way.
If you can, please try using Brave or some other browser to see if this happens for you too.

Yeah Brave is known to have some issues with Flowlab. I believe Grazer is looking into fixing that.

Also, I’m jumping about 5 blocks (Firefox). I don’t have Brave or OperaGX

Alright! Thank you so much for the quick responses, I will only use Opera or Chrome until that’s fixed. I really appreciate the quick responses.

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