Jump spamming

In my game if you spam jump the character will be able to jump higher and higher how do I fix this?

Can someone please help me with this, it would be so helpful. Jumping spamming is one of the major problems in my game

I’m not sure what you mean, it seems to only jump once at a time when I play it.

Its not that you jump once, its after you jump then as soon as you hit the ground if you jump again you will jump higher, and if repeated you will keep jumping higher and higher. So for not clarifying. @grazer

Try turning the “bounce” knob all the way down for both the player and the floor block.

Thanks so so much @grazer this is a HUGE help

A new problem has aroused @grazer. so I have a basketball bounce in my game, The ball bounces by a collision with the floor. But when I took of the bounce element for the floor, the ball almost double bounces and bounces super high. I have a sound affect for when the ball hits the ground, and now when it hits the ground the sound effect kinda plays twice telling me that it is “double bouncing”. How would I go about fixing this

Nevermind I fixed it, I had a bunch of different floor squares and it was hitting two at once.

Alright new problem, since my game is on mobile I have the move buttons and half the time they weren’t working. You could jump once but not after that.


I found out the jump problem is because of the floor but I don’t know how to fix this

@grazer please look at this

I don’t understand the issue - can you give me a few more details?

alright so in my game I have made it for mobile and I have move buttons. Ever since I changed the floor to have no bounce the jump button wont work. I think the ground isn’t colliding with the character. Because I have the normal run and jump behaviors but I changed it to messages with the buttons to trigger it, and the collsion with anything needs to turn the switch on for the character to jump but its not being turned on @grazer