Just beyond the dark(things are now getting intresting)

for a game im making where ill post cryptic poems found on ruins in this univeres as well a some game design talk

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Yes, POEMS!!!

I guys I am new to this and my friends told me some stuff about this. No need to interrupt anything but anything i should know before i start

Are you talking about Flowlab.io that you are new here, I will be posting a new video on my channel if this is the case about the basics of Flowlab.io and how to navigate the game editor, I will also be posting videos about the sprite editor and the behaviors soon.
If you this is again what you are talking about I will post the link to the video if you need it. Make sure to like and subscribe XD

ok thanks dude ya i was talking about flowlab

@sans7657 You should search “bmarzi” on the Games page… he says with a selfish grin.
Seriously you should playa bunch of games and when you find a behavior you like (i.e. character movement, interactions, time keeping, etc.) you should study the game physics and learn, it’s an easy and fun system. Enjoy!!!

in the meadow I lay
because ive been told ive been left astay
trapped in a box of my mothers own skin
I wish she would let my new best friends in
my self asteem rising every day
ill be happy,just like they say

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laso this is a turn based combat game,if your wondering

as our fresh apple tumbles and bumps through the deep thicket
unknowingly excepting his new ticket
contained in a cage of his mothers own skin
a cage so controlling and protective our fresh apples iq is paper thin
once he is set free once he is out
he will cause a world wide drought
once he is set free once he is back
he will make the the sun go black
once he is freeded from his shell
what he will do theres to many to tell

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Poems hurt my brain but here it goes
Roses are red
My name is Dave
This makes no sense

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Jumbo sized Lincoln Logs
Oh, I didn’t know that’s a guy
(Couldn’t think of dialogues)
Oh, guess I’ll go ahead and die
@ManiacPumpkin lol

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absolute legend

so basically this guy from crossed sword games just told me everything I need to know to discourage grinding,and you know what hes not wrong, no levles,no exp is a good idea
instead he suggested monsters be more powerful the further zones you go,and for a solution to people being upset since there cute monsters cant get more powerful,make basically drugs that raise there stats,and these drugs get more powerful as the zones go on
remove any form of boxes and let them have as many as they want,only aloud to switch between battles,so to embrace this new form of progression the pokedex will be broken up into 3 sections:rarity,difficulty,economic value
The only problem is how would evolution work with a system like this?