Just Some Ideas

Flowlab seems to be all about game making, but when you find someone else’s that you like, there’s not much you can do. Here’s some ideas:

Commenting - Each game should have a comment section. Right now you’d have to make an entire thread to have feedback, but it should be easier than that.

Favorites - Each game should show how many favorites it has. And when you favorite a game, you should be able to view which ones you have favorited. The more favorites a game has, the more likely it will be on the front page.

Categories - Games should have categories like threads have. You can search games by what categories they are in. This would make searching much better.

Updated Front Page - The games on the front page are always the same games. Maybe they could be changed every month or so? I don’t know exactly how. I’d just like to see more variety

And that’s all I got. I’d be happy if Flowlab added at least one of these in.

  • Games used to have comments, but I removed them since comments were rare and spammy.
  • Games already show how many favorites they have (next to the heart icon). More favorites help boost the ranking in the games list, so I think it already works the way you want
  • Categories may be worth considering, but I would hate for people to have to shoehorn their games into narrow categories like “platformer”, “puzzle” or “action” games. What sort of categories did you have in mind?
  • The front page could probably use an update, you’re right

I didn’t notice the hearts somehow. As for categories, here’s what I can come up with:
Platformer, Shoot 'em Up, Puzzle, Action, Arcade, Fighting, and Other (for categories you can’t fit)