Just stopping by

Long story short, I’ve been working 50+ hour 6 day weeks and spend my only day off doing grown up chores, like shopping, bills, haircut, car repair, gym, etc. It seems to be slowing down at work since snowbirds left, so I may start getting less hours at work, which means I can pop online here occasionally and make stuff like this:

I only had an hour last night, so it’s nothing special. It’s inspired by my idea of a futuristic city with that F-Zero X guitar ambience. If I finish it, I may use it in my game if I work on it again in the near future.

(Earphones recommended)


Also, I couldn’t find any update posts since 2018. @grazer what secrets do you have in store for us?

Glad to see I didn’t miss anything lol

Glad your back!

You indeed didn’t miss anything because we’ve only got one update in 2019.

Hope you’re doing well with life. I miss the old community here :frowning: Oh and the time where my games weren’t as broken as they are now.

By the way, I really like the song! :smiley:

Yeah the games breaking with every update is one of the core reasons why I’ve never put a lot of work into my games. I joined flowlab almost six years ago. I learned that major updates break complicated games. As soon as HTML5 bugs are ironed out, there should be no more updates to the engine, and all future updates will only be new features, and it doesn’t matter if new features don’t work right, because old features should not be affected, hopefully. That means that after six years I can finally feel like I can put work into my game, without fear of it becoming corrupted or broken beyond repair. I’m really looking forward to seeing flowlab fully recovered. A lot of users are still active in Discord occasionally.

As far as the song goes, I’m glad you like it, it’s really rough around the edges and I haven’t really come up with a catchy Melody. My only other gripe is that Synthar doesn’t sound as good as a real electric guitar, because I can’t pull the strings or anything fancy on a keyboard. I can mess with distortion for filters and sound, but as long as it doesn’t sound generic, I’ll be okay with it.