Kid's Quest 2 Discussion

The sequel that no one asked for is coming…
Development on Kid’s Quest 2 has started! If you haven’t heard of the original, it’s a 2-D puzzle platformer with unique items for each level. Kid’s Quest 2 is going to be that same idea expanded upon more! Since I’m using a free account, there will only be 5 levels. But I’ll try my best to make those levels as fun as possible. While your waiting for the second one to come out, maybe play the first Kid’s Quest? Or you can try what I’ve finished with Kid’s Quest 2.
Current Version of Kid’s Quest 2 >

Original Game >

Yes @“Biscuit Butter” , good luck! Would it be okay if I could review your sequel when it is finished? This seems really exciting!

Sure @rcreger. I haven’t started yet. But I’ll have plenty of time to work on it this spring break.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with @“Biscuit Butter” !

The “demo” is up for Kid’s Quest 2. Hardly anything finished besides walking and jumping physics and new art.

The first level is finished! I’ll probably change some things later on. Tell me how the game is so far.

Forgot to post this, but the second level is also done!
And so is the third!

Have you been wondering what coins are for? Later in development, I’ll add skins for your character and possibly bonus levels (the levels won’t add any new mechanics, rather they will be harder levels with existing mechanics. I’d add more, but I’m running out of objects.)

Sounds great @“Biscuit Butter” , good luck!

You may have noticed that I stopped adding things to the game for a long period of time. Sorry about that! Now that it’s Summer, I’ll finally have time to finish this game (and maybe add new content when it’s out)

Yes! I’ve been waiting to see this game done! I thought you quit, and that we wouldn’t see how it would turn out. So thank you, for coming back!

I added a pushing animation for pushing boxes. Surprised it took me this long to do this.

You might find it strange to see me commenting on several update logs @“Biscuit Butter” , but the main reason I do this is because they get SO lonely! So, if anyone was wondering why, that is why I comment on them, because I know the feeling. Anyways:

I think a pushing animation would fit perfectly with this game, as animations are one of the most fantastic pieces of work you can do in game development! Good luck!

I’m thinking about making a multiplayer mode. It might break some puzzles. Maybe I’ll make different levels for 2 players. Should I work on it after I finish the main game?

I’m taking a short break for 3-7 days. I’ll be back!

Ok that was more than 7. But I’m still alive

I’m changing the beach level, because it’s become too hard to make and I can’t think of many puzzles with it.