Kingdom of war

It’s currently only in its pre-alpha stage, so not yet really playable. Anyway in the game, a terrorist group is attempting to take over your castle. As a king, you must deploy troops, build turrets, call for help to God (or however you explain summoning meteorites out of the sky) and research better war technology. With proper tactics and strategy, you can defeat the terrorists.
Mechanics: you have 500 coins to start with. Killing enemies earn you coins, and every ten seconds you will get a fresh supply of 300-800 coins.
Click on deploy buttons to send out that troop if you have enough money. If they meet an enemy or the enemy base, conflict will emerge. This is called the battle point.
Currently available troops:
Swordsman $100 each
Archer $150 each (can shoot arrows two places behind battle point)
Currently available enemies:
Enemy swordsman

Special attacks
Armed spartans
Hog rider! (Ignores enemies and only goes for base. (Clash)
Bird rider
Rock bowler
Ground minions
Wizard: summons minions
Bomber-self destruct
missiler airship
bomber airship
port catapult

Any other ideas

We need more barbarians

Yes indeed

anyway here’s the link:

Added the hog rider! The pig has one massive jump to hop over the first group of enemies it encounters. Then, it must fight its way through. He’s really fast and is jittery
The pig does look kinda weird tho…

You and what army?

Okay then, let’s go with “Hoggy rider” or “Hoggy the killer”

Very cool! A bit difficult to see the black characters against the back background though.

Wonder how that happened, I don’t remember changing the background color… Thanks @grazer

Where is the game @Luminous700


It’s been replaced by another game