LASER DAVE: a 3-D flying shooter

Hello! Please enjoy my newest experiment, created in two-weeks for @meburningslime 's Challenges.

Introducing “Laser Dave” a 3-D flying shooter.

A/D to move. Space to fire (and skip intro, but don’t mind the looping intro music bug. ) M to mute music.

It’s buggy and there’s no ending other than death, but I think it turned out OK for what it is. If anyone wants to look at the programming and offer any suggestions to solve some of the glitches (other than using bundles) I’m open to tightening this up a bit. Otherwise, enjoy it for what it is and let me know what you think.

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This is awesome, you made a game with dept!
Well done @todorrobot

Yeah, Congratulations. This is great.

It needs a bit of work on difficulty/gameplay-wise but other than that, it’s amazing.
I’m impressed. :smiley:

This is really impressive indeed! Great job on this game @“todorrobot”!

OMG @todorrobot , that is so cool :slight_smile:

Brings back ‘Space Harrier’ memories, well done

Hey @“JR 01” @PixelPizza @Superstargames and @TinkerSmith thanks for playing! I was definitely channeling some Space Harrier and Battlezone for this.

I was relying on AND logic gates to apply damage (if an enemy is at a certain size % AND is within a certain central coordinate range, then it should log damage against the player. but the system is a little wonky. Sometimes it takes a second to register, so I ramped up the damage. )

I had originally intended to add an “above” and “below” status and a radar, but decided to save that for Laser Dave II. haha.

Laser Dave II @todorrobot … YES PLEASE