Latif's Water Example

So as most of you know @Latif3 says he is a “beginner”, but is actually pretty good at making games! He has made an example game of water where your character can swim up and down in it, and I have tried importing that into Insanity Parkour and it wouldn’t work. I then tried manually recreating it and it still wouldn’t work. Can someone help?

I wouldn’t say he is a beginner. He joined like 3 years ago. He just isn’t a premium user. He’s progressed a lot, as all the users do that stick around for years. You get better with practice, as they say.

As for whatever the water example is, since I’m not able to look at it right now, I’m sure it’s something along the lines of similar logic used in a space shooter, but without rotation, on proximity to water or motor gravity when NOR proximity water.

Basically instead of gravity, you NOR a motor, and have proximity to water connect to NOR, which stops the motor and turns on a switch or something that uses motors for up, down, left, and right, instead of velocity and impulse, probably. The switches would switch back when you leave the water, yknow, theoretically, since idk what he did without looking at it.

@“Mhx Ar” I think I’ve joined like 5 years ago, not really sure. I joined the forums when I became pretty okay at English and that was indeed 3 years ago.

For the water I used proximity and motor yeah. Logic gates didn’t exist yet so I used a switch.

@AddoPlayz You probably misunderstood me. With beginner game developer I meant creating games with a programming language. I’m already one of the advanced people in flowlab :tongue: