Layer behavior

Could a layer behavior be added, I’m trying to make a top down kind of game, and I’m kind of frustrated with the perspective of it, because objects lower on the screen are supposed to be in front of the character, but as of now, they can only be in front or behind, it’d be extremely helpful if I could just input the y of an object into the layer number

Make it when the player is above it attach an object with a bigger layer and when the player it’s under it, it turns off the attacher.

I hope you understand

that’s smart

Yeah, but it wouldnt help if you wanted to go down a layer.

I’ve tried this technique, it doesn’t work, especially because animations make it even more complicated

Yeah with layer input you could pop-up story type visuals, easier trees/walls, a sense of depth almost

Yes, this is exactly why I need it @grazer