• Layers for UI
  • Option for GUI (bars and labels)

Would make The Graveyard look better with the level transitions because the big white fading object is behind labels.

What do you mean by “* Option for GUI (bars and labels)” ?

Probably something along the lines of what layer bars and labels appear on. For me, if I were using labels, but I wanted to have something above the labels, I couldn’t, labels are dominant, and bars are dominant, always above everything else. If there were more GUI layers, I could make an animation that makes it look like the labels are being typed out by removing chunks of white space in the animation. I could also make the screen flash white or whatever color, or anything like curtains or some animation, and I won’t have to worry about the bars being above it.

I could just be misunderstanding their request, but there wasn’t much typed.

Ah damn it, why did I do that.

I meant layers for GUI, not option. And they use the same layers as the user interface. So if a label is layer 2 and an UI object is layer 1, the label will render above the object.