Leaderboard Issue

The leaderboard just isn’t working. I reset the leaderboard, and I can see the numbers inputted to “score”, and it’s more than one. however, when I hit “show,” it shows a score of one. What is going on??


I think it’s about the time it takes for the leaderboard to update - I am running a repeating timer for 1 second, and it’s updating when the timer triggers.

Now it’s updating the correct number every OTHER time I get a new high score

If I didn’t get a new high score then it shows the correct number

Sometimes it just takes a bit to update and show the score. Try reloading and waiting a little bit

Theres a cooldown and a queue on the leaderboard.
Just like the cloud Behavior, it has a cooldown so people dont spam the server with requests.
The newest Score will show up after a while.
The cooldown is between 10-30 seconds not sure exactly now.