Leaderboard should allow lower scores

Just something a friend noticed, but the leaderboard only allows scores to be added if they are better than your previous score. This is normally fine, but in the cases where you would like to have a score that can fluctuate more it doesn’t work. That’s why it would be very nice if there was an option for the leaderboard to be updated to whatever score you input into it. If needed I can give an example where this would be both practical and useful.


I would like to see an example,
the leaderboard behavior was created so that it’s saved in the cloud and no tampering.
If you want to compare your current score in the Leaderboard, it would be best to output the list and insert the score that way.


So what my friend wanted wanted to do is have a Leaderboard for the players with the best percentile (He has several levels in his game and each one gives you a percentile score)

He wanted to then take the average of those scores and put that onto the Leaderboard, so the person with the highest average percentile would be ranked at the top. He could use the Cloud behavior for this, but he wanted the profile pictures to show up with it and the Leaderboard behavior loads almost instantly compared to the ~3 second wait time with the Cloud.

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