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Just talk guyssssssssssssssssss

Welcome to Let’s Just Talk!!!

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I need ideas for a new game.

You would probably get many more replies if you asked here

Any ideas for levels???

The link almost everyone posted in this topic is a link to a topic that is basically this but better. Literally no one will use this. I’m sorry.

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What sort of game is your game?

Have yall check out Grand Land???

Have you ever noticed there’s already a better talking place yet? Not to be rude but that’s why no one is talking in here.

Doesnt matter what yall talk about.

Just nothing innapropriate.

that’s what this topic is for.

New game yall. Here’s the link.

Dude your stuff sounds cool but there’s already a topic for just talking.

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Hi, Is this supposed to be like the OTC?