Level 1 and 5 of my game lags really bad

Hello, last week when I was editing my game and tried to play level 5, it suddenly could not even play. When I moved the level 5 character to level 1, it also caused it to lag, but not as bad. What’s weird is that all the other levels are fine and work normally (even when using the level 5 character). If anyone has encountered a similar problem and found a solution pls help me. Btw, I’ve already tried reloading the game and even signing out to play the game but the same problem occurs.

Link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/941814

Your blocks are movable that’s why.

There seems to be too many “block” 's in the levels, possibly from all the many hitboxes.
I change many of the “block” object out for Long single objects.

Like for walls, do a 1x16 instead a bunch of 1x1 blocks stacked on top of each other.
Saves space and hitboxes, and should reduce lag.

You can also see this in The Graveyard on the front page, the ground is one long object.

Okay that makes sense but those levels were working fine even with that number of blocks so how come it suddenly cant work properly

Not too sure, it could be part of the new update that was a few days ago…

Ok well I just deleted as many unimportant block as I could find and that seemed to get rid of most of the lag. Thanks @JR 01 and @meburningslime

No problem! Here is a crab now