Level bug? weird

there is a weird thing in my game that whenever i press play, it goes to the wrong level. i checked the order and it is correct, the one i want it to start on is 1. i checked all my code and the only three sprites that can change the level both cant do this. im wondering if this is a bug or just me being stupid (again)

you can see the one i want to start on for just a moment

ah i just discovered that it REFUSES to go onto that level. i set a thing to go to the level i want and it just went right back to the level i dont want it to go to WHAT IS THIS BUG MANNN @grazer

This category is for Flowlab bugs, not game bugs, but here’s your problem:

oh shoot it WAS just me being stoopid

i thought it was a flowlab bug, and i didnt realise i put that on the wrong pin -_-


now its doing another wierd thing that it keeps resetting.

i really really hope this is not just me being stupid :sob:

it was

sorry for bothering you @grazer

no worries, glad you got it fixed :+1:

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