Life Cycle Program

“Life Cycle Program” or “LCP” is a program designed to show a real, breathing environment. Though it is made for the user to go in the code and mess with things at the moment, It is still worth your time to check out whats happening and changing once in a while. I’m updating it a lot, as of right now so it’s a good time. If you are interested in checking it out, please click the link at the bottom of this message and have fun. If you do this, please write a comment back on what could I add, and how can LCP improve.

Note: Please don’t say “add past down genes” or “More living things!!!”. I’m working on both already.


Cool! It’s just like a simulation.

The “Fight or Smite” Update is out!!! In this update, you have to fight to get food, like normal. However, once you die, you become the Smiter; a powerful poltergeist. As the Smiter, you can summon lightning by left clicking. The Lightning Will take a lot of energy from any alive Sporne and make rocks smaller until vanished. Try it out now! I’m looking for feedback. I’m making a discord for those interested in getting notifications earlier and giving feedback. Have fun getting trolled by AI!!

PS: the AI are really good at making you struggle. Stop taking food when your full!!!

another thing, if the old link doesn’t work, try this:

Wow, an hour later and the servers done. Here ya go gamers.

Epic Simulation, man. You could extend this and make it more complex featuring other organisims, Cells, and other things! Keep it Up!

No! My Sporne is dying! Get up, little buddy! NOOOOOOOO!

Thanks for the feedback. The project isn’t close to completion yet, so I have a lot of time to add things. The next update it planned to add a whole new threat into the game. I also plan to increase the map size soon. You can join the discord if you want. I do post updates there mainly. However, I do post them here as well.

The “Beat The Heat” Update is out! The sporne now need to keep an average temperature to survive. You can freeze if you spend too much time near cold rocks, so be careful where you go. If you get too chilly. Use the new “stump” to heat up. Just go near it and you will start to get warmer, but be careful not to get too close. There’s a random chance “Hetitelles” will come out of the stump! These tiny buggers will also warm you! Maybe a little too much. The update is pretty new so expect minor changes to keep it realistic. Go to any of the links above to try out the update for yourself.

The “Predator Plains” update is out! Sporne must now watch for Dreths, a dear-like predator in the ecosystem. Don’t get too close, or your health will go down fro your Health Bar. Explore the huge map and look out for these dangerous creatures, or stun them as the Smiter to help others. Creatures now bleed, so if you see a purple trail on the ground. Expect to see a Dreth with it. Comment on any bugs you notice in this discussion or on the Discord. Have fun playing it.

The small-ish update; “Burn Buddies”, is out! Sporne no longer must fear the Hetitelles. In fact, the Hetitelles have something they must fear right now. The Bolp hunt them down chaotically. In LCP, the words of Winston Churchill are true. The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend. Keep that in mind and try to help out the Bolp. One of them might save your life one day. Try it out now on the new link!