Life of a DooM Cacodemon pog - Includes cutscenes!

This is a major development for me. I can hardly believe that I finally did it. The cutscenes are rendered in the game engine.

More updates coming soon!

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  • You can now press X to skip the cutscene.

  • Pain Elemental’s room now has a door back to Cacodemon’s place.

  • The Pain Elemental will now spawn Lost Souls over time.
    More decorations!

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This is actually a really funny concept for a game :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! The game’s primary focus is to make people laugh.

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Updates 2021-07-07 (hint: there are a lot!)
  • The Cacodemon’s place now has the “Hellbox 360” gaming setup that Pain Elemental has.

  • The Cacodemon’s place now has a functioning couch.

  • The Cacodemon’s place now has an alarm clock with a bizarre time for no apparent reason.

  • The Pain Elemental and Lost Souls have been resized to better match the Cacodemon.

  • By players 1,2 and 3 I mean that you can play as the Cacodemon, Pain Elemental, and Lost Soul respectively, as long as they’re in the level.

  • An orange couch was placed in the Pain Elemental’s room to counter the Cacodemon’s red one.

  • I forgot to mention bookshelves last time, so here they are!
    By the way, there’s a new floor.

  • Press G when playing as the Cacodemon for a terrifying secret.

  • New room: The Learning Room. Where young demons go to learn anti-Doomguy defensive strategies.

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