List links break upon pasting

This has been a thing noticed by a few people, but sometimes when pasting code with Lists in it some of the links connecting to them vanish.

I’ve only seen it happen with the Set input for the list. When happened to me it was with a List Order (Copy & Reverse) going into a Text List.

This can also happen for the outputs of List Each.


I’m pretty sure it happens when you’re using a block that can connect to both number or text lists. When you paste it down it gets reset to number list so any text lists are cut off because it’s the “wrong” type of input


This is an actual issue and happens across multiple parts of code, but it might be related to Lists tho.
It also happens in the Label bundle, I’m waiting on this update so I can fix it too.

I made this gif with this bundle that breaks every time you paste it:

Link break flowlab

@grazer, I know this is already on Trello, but maybe this could help you track it down further.

Example game so you can test it yourself: Flowlab Game Creator - Links Break Issue

Trello Link: Links removed when copy/paste or importing bundles on Flowlab Bug Reports and Feature Requests | Trello