list of bugs

so I’ve come across some bugs here
1.collision block crashes game uploading doesn’t work
3.sometimes the options for an asset are misplaced
4.just today the editting screen put me on a random spot

play bo adventures

Doesn’t happen to me, what device and browser do you use?

Also a can you post a link to the game?

bo adventures please just play it at the time I’ve been pretty bad at flowlab don’t judge me

oh the link

and I use a pc

Everything seems to be working ok when I play it. Is there anything specific I need to do to get it to crash?

quick question is grazer a flowlab dev?

also you need to find a specific object with a collision purpose. so like the treats. (those are the brown dots)

also I never go on forums so sometimes I won’t reply for like a month.

I’ll make a new game to show you.

which might take a loooooooooooong time.

one time I was editing a elevator, and when I got in the behaviors screen, it put me on roblox.

For the last one, it was probably because you mis-clicked and you accidentally opened ROBLOX.

i needs helpee


what u ned help with

@XXD3G I will gladly help u