Lists not working

In the Bundle, there is a List Modify, but none of the Lists outside the bundle go into the “List” input. So I would understand if a weird chain happened from a List Modify without “Copy” selected, but “Copy” IS selected.

@grazer please tell me why these lists which are originally empty are having a value set to them.

Maybe you know @JR01?

Also a very small side question, how long does it take a thumbnail to update on the Entries page?

there’s no set time, it seems to take 30 minutes to an hour for me

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Lists link to each other forward and backwards, meaning any cahnges made to one will be change to the other. This happens when connecting lists to each other or to a modify block.

This happens because the lists can be huge data tables that can use more memory than it should, so to help with this, flowlab creates a parent to the connected lists so multiple lists aren’t created just to get another list with the few changes.

So because you have a green wire connecting the 2 lists, they will update each other. A way around this is to set the first list with a modify sort set to copy.

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Ok, ty. Too bad I’m a little too late to fix this for the jam

Yeah sorry for the late reply, I spent all day yesterday on making “Pack-It!” playable and finishing up “Operation Delete” for the Jam. If you have any more questions on Lists, I’ll be happy to help.

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