Live Action Playing

@grazer it would be nice if we can play the game inside of the editor besides going into behaviors and doing it from there. There could be an option at the top of play saying play inside of the editor so you can zoom out and in and go outside of the game box to see if everything works so in my case I m making an fnf game as I said in my recent message and it would be nice to be able to see the notes move up so I know the changes I need so my arrows move to the song

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you could just temporarily increase the view of the camera to see where your arrows are.


I had a similar issue on trying to make randomly generated hallways.

You could add some sort of keybind attached to a number that goes into the camera zoom. When it’s lower than 100 it starts to zoom out (I think) and you can look outside the map easily.


Alright then. Thanks For The Help Guys! I will try that.