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how do i make good posts

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heart skin00s that yt channel i made ripping off a radio station has shortened it’s playlists to 15 videos/14 songs instead of 17 videos/16 songs

the beatles’ final song is actually not that bad

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i know that none of you are interested but here’s the third movie in this four movie series i made it last night i was tired sorry if it’s bad


the guy’s bag has a purple vs dark keychain and 2 flowlab pins those were pretty interesting easter eggs i think

that is the emergency stop button from the games which restarts the entire level. this is why Sarah goes back in time when she presses it.

Sarah did die quite violently but she was resusicated by The Imitator which later became the embodiment of good

the imitator clarified that it couldn’t bring anyone back from the dead because it knew sarah would ask for either her parents or miley back

Sarah’s last name “Flow” (seen in the 999911 call) is a nod to flowlab

Miley’s last name “Purple” (also seen in the 999911 call) is both a nod to her hair colour and the Purple ending in The Hybrid’s New Game.

this series takes place in the united kingdom of america

the police know sarah’s address like the back of their hand

facerface and the hybrid will be returning in the 4th and final movie,just like what was hinted at before

a game will somehow be made out of this

sarah cries herself to sleep every night because everyone around her dies

there are implications that sarah liked miley in both the hybrid and the imitator,but they were a bit small in the hybrid. here’s a list:
sarah saying that the imitator loves tormenting her with the murder of loved ones,“even those not by it’s own hand”
999911 operator listing miley as one of sarah’s loved ones
it can be presumed that the torment line is referring to miley’s appearance in the beginning of the movie
sarah not being creepy with dave and using his creepiness as an excuse to sit by miley

sarah blames herself for every single death in this series except Mariah’s and as said before she cries herself to sleep every night

the guy with the screwdriver is an idiot and has an iq of 86

sarah is smart and figured out doesn’t need logic when she has plot armour so she doesn’t use that much of her brain

people who have had near death experiences sometimes have out of body experiences like what sarah had

sarah & miley watched the fnaf movie once and hated it

i put random info here for world building,because i need to fill these bts sections,because i like the characters & want to a bit more with them and fun

I look sadly back on my past successes. The golden era. Loved it. Miss it. ‘Now I’m in the dog ■■■■ era’ i think to myself. I haven’t been outside since 2003. Maybe if I go outside now I will be able to get good post ideas and a therapist. I take one step outside and turn to dust like a vampire


I now know what it means to fall off

It’s lit my teacher played it in class, and we had to be quietly listening or lose a few marks. Nobody lost any marks.

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the taylor-swift-song-that-shall-not-be-named was on the sky vip big top 40™ and the presenter said that he couldn’t say the name or else he’d lose his job :sob:

(the reason why i’m referring to it like it’s voldemort is because this is flowlab.io and i will lose my job (making the worst posts you’ve ever seen in my life) if i say it)

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as i posted this “is it over now (taylor’s version)” from the same album on the same chart show came on :skull:


I’ll probably never be able to hear can’t tame her by zara larsson without thinking of heart skin00s’ cult storyline in number 4’s first and second timelines

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stop liking skibidi-toilet-esque humor

i don’t though


skibidi rizz tv girl hot scary teacher 3D fartz epic :joy::joy::joy::joy: amogus??? scary teacher 3D rizzes up scary teacher 3D GYATT?? huggy wuggy and kissy missy sad story :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: i miss 2023’s halloween so nostalgic with so much GYAT and rizs :see_no_evil:

how do i apologise for this i’ve tried writing an apology by myself and ripping off the blair witch project (1999)'s one but nothing works and nothing can forgive what i’ve just typed

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I don’t think god will forgive me after a post with the opening lines “skibidi rizz tv girl hot scary teacher 3D fartz epic”

God is the greatest and the most merciful. If you are sincere in your repentence, I’m sure he will forgive you.

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this is my 269th post on this topic full of my unhinged rantings. social anxiety was trying to help me but i didn’t listen and now i’m posting the worst things ever

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mercy won’t be what i am given

Disease #flow-10
The LMTPE disease
This disease is spread by reading the unhinged ramblings of flowlab dot io user “LMTPE”. They commonly post these on the topic “Lmtpe updates - updates from lmtpe”. The early posts (beginning - golden age) are safe to read but everything after what scientists have called “The great dying of LMTPE humor” is infectious.