Load level doesn't work

When I try to load certain levels in my game, it just reloads the current level. Here is my game:
When you get hit by 3 rocks, it should put you on the You Died! level, but for some reason, it just reloads the same level. Check the “Health” Bundle in the Starship’s behaviors, that’s where it should load the level.

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did you check in the level behavior? See if it said “restart current”

No, it’s the You Died level. Here is a screenshot:

For some reason, it loads the Star Destroyer level instead of the You Died! level.

There is not one single thing that should be wrong, everything looks fine to me but I just tested it and yes it does not load the “You Died!” level.

Check the Health Bar + Score object

You can tell that it isn’t the player code that is wrong because that code should next work. You’re setting the filter and inputting the same value, so it will never be less than. Meaning it will never output, so the problem must have been in a different object

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