Lock Behavior Needed

A behavior that could connect to other behaviors and whatever behaviors it’s connected to won’t work. It’d be cool to lock things like player movement with an input to the bundle. It’d save a lot of time too!

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I’d rather have a new bundle input that turns off the bundle. @grazer
It’d do the same thing but be much simpler.

… Isn’t that just a switch?

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No, to completely disable the code like a disable switch, which would be a lot easier than putting a switch and rewiring every single part of the coding. You could say the same thing for the enabled behavior but it’d be so complicated it’d set your computer on fire.

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Oh, yeah that would be useful.

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I’d definitely use that for the npc in our game for the following script.

I think the enable behavoir would work

But we’re saying an enable behavior, but just for one piece of code.

that would be nice

Also vote on Till We Have Faces please lol it’s a tie

could you give me a link please