Look At My New Game!

[Sorry For Posting So Many Discussions] But Here Is My Game Its In Beta And Will Have More Updates Soon! Here Is The Game: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/24627

What Is In The Game Now? - Player That Shoots - Shop [Glitchy] -Spawning Zombies That Follow You - Health Bar - Points System [Also Glitchy] What Is In Update Alpha? - Maps - NEW WEBSITE - And More!

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New Update In My Game There Is Now 2 Levels [ Spawn Level And Level 1] Also YOU CAN DUPLICATE YOURSELF!

how?? dont worry i found out. cant wait till you finished



Nice! I think it may be easier for the shoot button to be the spacebar


you could move using WASD so the enter (shoot) button would be a little more spaced out on laptop keyboards.


Ill Make It So You Can Move With WASD And The Arrow Keys

That will be good :slight_smile:

all right then!