Looking for game ideas...

I need some game ideas. please suggest some…
You are welcome to use the ones in the comments too!

Just try and think of something fun… Something you would probably play irl, something within your skill level, and something that you feel would be fun to try and make. Also, but your own spin on it, if your good at art, make the game art centered, if you’re better at logic(me) than make something that won’t need a ton of artwork but is still cool. Just let your creativity run free!!!

That being said, I don’t see nearly enough infinite runners or top down games. idk just saying…

There’s this crazy video game idea generator, it usually gives you crazy ideas but its ton of fun and sometimes key-words can give you a whole entire idea. I recommend it :slight_smile:

Video Game Idea generator:
Save your favorites on a notepad, then mix & match them if you want to.
Have fun!

@PixelPizza Lmao I tried it and these are the things I got:
An FPS where you drive tanks with war criminals but you have no arms.
An experimental game where you gamify emo kids for fun.
An online game where you race shoes by answering questions.
An action game where you drive tanks with hippies and you have the power to become famous at will.
I really recommend this tbh.

@“my_name (<_>)” , Thank you.
I’m gonna try to make an infinite runner!

It gave me something about an egg and I’m actually gonna try to make it.