Looking for something to do

I’m kinda bored, so if there is anyone that needs help with anything, please let me know.

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I mean for someone, like being helpful.

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Oh, sorry.

Well, at the moment, I don’t need much help with anything.

you sure? I’m reallly bored.

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If no one needs help, then there isn’t much of a reason in sitting there, waiting for someone to. Why not do one of the things I suggested earlier? Life isn’t all computer, you know.

I know, I just like helping people.

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Most people do, but if there’s no one to help, then there’s just no one to help. Plus, Flowlab is mostly dead in the afternoon.

for me it’s the morning.

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Well, around Oregon, it’s the afternoon. There is a span of three to four hours when the Forums are just dead.

I’m in australia, mate

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Now I know. I’m going to check my world map, one second.

Oh, so… wow. It’s the 22nd for you, lol. I’m talking to a user of the near future.

You are around 15-17 hours ahead of me, meaning that the Forums are dead from 6 A.M. → 10 A.M (your time).

Yeah, I know, crazy, right?


Yeah, I make a hypersonic jet and (On my Birthday) fly from Alaska to New Zealand. That way, I can celebrate my birthday twice at the same time… this is confusing.
Anyways, what do you normally do to pass the time?

What I’m doing right now.

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Maybe go on the OTC. It is most fun for Forum users, lol.

what’s the OCT? never heard of it

It’s totally the most fun thing a user could do.


At the moment, we are on the fourth OTC (Off topic channel).