LOS ANTEMIS BLUES - The Newest Game from VTES


Los Antemis Blues is the new game coming from ViperTeck Entertainment Studios. You play on a 2D plain as a rare Booman in the Southern Westria Deserts. You meet multiple characters and can choose how you interact with them throughout the game. The story progresses through people talked to, and music played with them. The more people you meet, the more people you can possibly bring onto your dream band, “The Los Antemis Blues”. By the end of the game, you’ll either be a shining star in the city or at a complete loss for your attempt to make music. So be careful with the people you meet, because they could be the reason you fall!

Dev Note: This game’s release date has not yet been decided.

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Wow, looks cool! Looking forward to playing it!


Thank you! In the following months, I’m definitely going to be releasing more info on it, and maybe a gameplay trailer by the end of the year, too! So stay tuned for that!