MageFighterz: version Fire Updates
(I’ll try to keep this updated)

Version 0.1:
Invisible button bug fixed, buttons move offscreen when clicked rather than turning invisible


(I know these are pretty close together updates but…)
Version 0.2:
Added some plant life and changed up the ground around the Arsonist

wait were both working on turn based combat games does that mean your competition?

I think it does

Btw everyone: the final boss is intentionally difficult, if too many people can’t defeat him then I’ll nerf him

where is the final boss

All the way to the right of the overworld

you mean the surfer?


If anyone knows of any bugs in this game, please do at it to this thread

Version 0.3:
Some sounds and music were added

bugs:none compared to bugs in my system your 100% clear

I’m going to soon start work on an improved graphics update, so stay tuned. Also, everybody, don’t forget to tell me if anyone has found bugs and what those bugs are :slight_smile:

Version 0.4:
Minor Graphical update, some models given some shadows (more shadows coming soon), Tree model has been trimmed, Ocean has waves