Main Menu made , but... I don't know how to make it able to be clicked...


first off, please don’t post 50 million topics or demand help.
To make a good menu, click the little box at the bottom of the editor, theres Play, Objects, Level, Layer, and Settings.
Click on [Layer], that opens up background, game level, and User Interface.
Click on UI, then make an object as a button. add a behavior that is click (down)
if you want it to take you to a level, do click (down) ---- next level [level 1] or whatever you named the level

I tried that but it didn’t work…

yeah… we all hit this problem. the game engine is being worked on atm, but Ill try to make an example.

Well it works for me, see?
Post a link to your game, and I’ll check it out