MAINTENANCE RELAY (concept build, no playtesting)

It’s been a bit. Obviously a few new faces, but I’m sure some of the veterans out there recognize me. I’m coming back to the platform after a year(?)’s slumber because I wanted to make a proof-of-concept game.

It’s called Maintenance Relay, and it’s going to be awesome.

To be clear, this is my last project before I leave the platform forever. I’m looking to further my knowledge in C# and C++ and start working in Blender and Unreal Engine to make the finished product of M.R.

Take this post as an opportunity to ask questions about the game, or give any suggestions. I’m open to anything you have to say and would love to work on this together, as it’s in the very early stages and I would love a fresh set of eyes to develop new ideas for the project.

With that being said, hello Flowlab! It’s good to see you again : )


Right out the gate with some concept art, here you go


I’ve never met you but welcome back! This game looks interesting!


Hey there stranger!
Yea I’ve been fleshing out some ideas, I’ll post some concepts of gameplay ideas, and hopefully start making something in a month or so


Long time no see, I wish you the best of luck with this current project and all your future ones!


Hey, welcome back hihilogic! Good to see you again too :)

What is the game about? Is there a story? Is it top-down or a platformer? May I suggest a stealth level/section?

By this do you mean a direct team collaboration, or just asking questions/advising/suggesting stuff from the outside? Either way I’d like to help out. Based on the name alone, I have an idea where the game is fully or partially located in a car manufacturing facility! :smiley:


Yoooo! Welcome back hihilogic! I have no idea if you might remember me or something but it’s really awesome to see you again. This game idea also looks really awesome.


Hello and welcome back!!!


Bro you completely missed the mark /lh

It’s a first person horror game, I’m trying to test my skills in resource management as a game mechanic, and ambience to build tension for the player


I 100% remember you, it’s good to see y’all again!


Do you know me?

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Ok so obviously one of the most important parts is the

Times are hard, and due to your criminal past no one is willing to hire you. At least, that’s what you thought, until one of your friends introduced you to a company called Cense, an up-and-coming biotech and robotics development industry. The pay is decent, even if the hours are horrible, and you take the opportunity. They hire you as an assistant during the night, completing tasks and monitoring projects, while keeping out intruders. However, things only go downwards from there as you realize the very thing you are protecting is Cense’s secret. And it’s a very dark secret.




I have an upgraded version of Yoann’s first person test, if you want i can PM the link to you.

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The Return of the King: pt2

Also this idea looks super cool, can’t wait to see it in action


I am sorry to hear this.

Nice! Good luck with that!

Wow, so the player is on the dark side, huh?

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You came way after he left.

Also just had to say it. It’s a game about a guy monitoring stuff at night, and robot(s). Sounds familiar :thinking:
Joking, from the designs and what you’ve said about it, it sounds very different


Oof; yeah, I totally did. I meant on Flowlab, is the proof-of-concept (not the finished product) still gonna be first person? Yoann made a new first-person engine you can check out for inspo. I unfortunately have been missing the mark a lot these days (none of your or anyone here’s fault, just mine).

That sounds very promising. Best of luck sis (i just checked your pronoun page linked, sorry if I got it wrong).

The final product is going to be first-person, right? If this is just a proof-of-concept then Idk if making a 3D game [using math] in a 2D engine is part of your plan, but you do you. I could also give you a “fresh set of eyes” for the project if you like. I don’t want to sound imposing or intrusive… The story sounds seems a bit familiar to me… Guarding a company facility at night… Nice! I’m sorry for sounding so weird about this. I just hope I understood this time.


Sure thing! That’d be a nice tool to have


More concept

I was really thinking abt leaning into a corporate side of things, clocking shifts, completing monotonous tasks and whatnot.

Yes ik this is starting to sound a lot like a fnaf clone. I’m gonna be upfront and say that this was heavily inspired by some of the better fangames, but I’m not going to take a whole lot from the original game. I’m going to try and make this original as possible, and even implement my own storyline