Major flowlab bug

I literally am unable to spawn an object or emit it, and if I spawn an object, it crashes my game.

Can you post more info? Spawning or Emitting objects does not generally crash Flowlab, so obviously something more is happening.

What do you mean by crash? How do I trigger it?

The most common way to “crash” your game with a Spawn or Emit is to create an infinite loop where the new object spawns or emits a new one. This is an infinite loop though, not a crash.


When you press r, it destroys the ball and spawns another, but instead, it crashes.

If the code is in the ball it’s probably causing an infinite loop, the game is probably reading it as destroying itself then spawning a new one because it is still getting the R input maybe. Idk I could easily be wrong, I’ll look at the code in a sec and see if I see anything. Also, infinite loops most often happen to me when doing this with math, (expression going into itself so it increases the number forever).

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Just played the game, and doing R works fine for me. Also, can you just increase the Y value to that of the ball so the paddle on the left doesn’t shake? If it jumps because the ball moves too fast just use an expression to get (BallY-10(or any number that works, this may change depending on the speed of the ball)) then use the ease function to get that -10Y and put that into the From input to the Ease behavior, and put the balls current Y into the To input (all of this would, of course, need to account for the paddle being higher than the ball). Completely ignore this if you don’t want the game to be impossible. You may need to use multiple Ease behaviors to have the speed stay the same on the paddle (so it doesn’t go super fast during a super long game).

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