Major weirdness! Little Shop of Horrace

Please can someone help me sort out the weirdness in the “back room” level found here:

My player goes near the “fire box” on the wall and proximity triggers an emit of the Axe, which collides with the player and swaps it out with a spawn of the player w/ axe. Axe player now walks around swinging the Axe with SPACEBAR, until you hit TAB which should destroy Axe Player and respawn a Loose Axe (that can be picked up again) and original Player (which can switch back to Axe Player if they collide with Loose Axe) in the position where TAB was triggered.

BUT instead of what I think should happen in my head, I get MAJOR WEIRDNESSSSSS. Players and Axes spawn all over the place and the Extracted x/y position to trigger the character swap is sending the spawn point all over the place. This seems like a common function in a game, am I way off base in my approach?

Hey @todorrobot - I took a look and noticed a couple of things:

  • The Fire Box object has box the x and y outputs connected to the emitter, this means that even if the block only triggers once, the emit will still emit two axes (one for x input, one for y input)
  • The Player Axe object emits both a player and and axe when you press tab, so they are likely colliding and creating a loop of players/axes ( since they would turn back into player axe objects then instantly re-emit players/axes as long as the tab key is triggering )
  • There is definitely a problem with spawned objects not going away when the editor is opened. This was most likely introduced with the last renderer update, so I’ll fix this in the next release

I forgot to mention - nice work so far! This game looks like it’s turning into something interesting :slight_smile:

@grazer Thanks! That definitely helped. that helped. I’m still having trouble with the extract feature spawning the character where the previous version was. Is this still a collision issue? Do I need to apply a delay? or emit the loose axe further away? I’m still poking around with it, but if you have a chance to take a look i would appreciate it. Thanks again for the help :slight_smile: