Make a fireball shoot

I want to make the monster in my game constantly shoot fireballs. Can someone help me? This is the link of my game.

Here is a super simplistic way to make something shoot.
Flowlab Game Creator - Robot Reboot - Google Chrome 5_25_2020 6_45_39 PM
(to make the monster shoot fireballs non-stop, set the timer behavior to repeat forever, but be warned that this may cause lag if paired with an emit behavior)

@Superstargames you don’t need the once block.

Thanks and is there a way to change the direction of it. Like it is going to the right and I want it to go to the left. Is there a way to make it go farther?

The emit behavior will follow the direction that the object is facing, but you can change the angle to determine whether it shoots upwards, behind itself, etc.
To make it go farther, you just need to change the “expire after” property. The higher the number, the longer the emitted object will last. Or, you can make it so that the object will never expire (although this is an invitation to lag).

@“meburningslime”, I know that, but I like to use the once behavior anyways.

Is there a way to make the fireball go farther? I think the expire after only makes it last longer.

Well, emit force makes it go farther, but also makes it go faster. So I think that using “expire after” makes it go farther. After all, the longer it lasts, the further it should go. Use a combination of expire and force to make the fireball fly further.

Use Emit Force. That makes it shoot faster.

Another easier way to do this is to give the fireball 0 density. Then you can directly control the velocity.

Can you show me an example? Thank you

Click edit, click physics which is on the bottom right, then click density and drag to 0.

does 0.1 work? that’s the lowest


So that makes it so the fireball follows me now?

This means that the fireball won’t slow down, so you can give it as much emit force as you want.

is it possible to make it go far but have the image to still be visible while it’s moving. So you can dodge it when playing

Make the speed somewhere around 2 to 4 and the expiration somewhere around 25 to 50.

Ok thanks for all of the help!

No problem.