Make a kill count

Hello everyone, Ive made an avengers game and Im trying to make a kill count for when a monster dies (theres quite a lot of them), which happens when they collide with one of the avengers weapons. Has anyone done something like this before?

This is the link by the way thanks in advance :slight_smile:

have a gui set to 0 and a number running into that adding when a boi dies it should add to the gui

Where should I put that in coz if when i have that in the monster behaviour the gui gets removed when the monster dies

the character/player just use messages to transport the inputs

@2017ML10332 I’m on mobile and can’t check out your game. But with the update you can now also use Global Variables.
One way of using them you can see in my mini game:

The Score counter is initialized in the Controller object. Each ball adds to the count before it gets destroyed. But as usual, there are many ways to skin a banana :slight_smile:

You can make a counter and message the counter to add -1.

If its area that all the enemies are in, you can use this example to always count how many there are:

Enemy Count example:

Alright thanks mates