Make a timer to end the game once it reaches 0

I’m making a 30 second game but I can’t figure out how to make the game end once the timer reaches 0. How could I do this?

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Welcome to the community @j.tobin . Could you please show a picture? Just connect the next level (game end) to the out output of the timer.

I tried connecting the level to the output and it just reset the level when the timer counted down by 1 rather than after 30 seconds.

That program should only decrease the number by 1 after x amount of seconds.

Make a timer that goes one second, then does that code, but put a repeater set at 30.

It does. I want to know what to add to it to make it do what I want.

There is a behavior called a Filter. When the number reached 0, you can use Level Restart to restart the level.

Like this?

Wait no, it is supposed to go in the switch not in value

Like this? Still, nothing is happening when it gets to 0.

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Yes. Test it out.

Send the gam link.

Flowlab Game Creator - 30 Second Tag!

Try connect the filter to number 30.

Like this:

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It works for me.

Thanks bro! It works now!

Happy to help.

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