Make exceptions to Any collision triggers!

In all SB games, cores when actively moving will block bullets, which is a pain.

So, bullets use any triggers to delete themselves. Well… I dont want cores to count!!

So, I got the old rattler going, and thought of something… its hit me like a bus…

Take your any trigger, and connect it to the A socket of an and gate. Take a collision set to the object you dont want to cause triggers, connect it to an xnor socket, and connect the xnor to the other socket in and.

If done correctly, the and output will only send if its anything except for the 2nd trigger!

If you need a screenshot Ill happily provide

Just post the screenshot. It’s way easier to understand

well done, this simplifies the any trigger use by allot

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Yeah boiiii

This is SUPER useful! Thanks!

I actually think this should be part of the
behavior cookbook that grazer has in the help section.

It’s simple and easier
and changes how to look at this.


Very clever @CrimsonBlackGames - great idea! Why didn’t I think of this? :slight_smile: