Make it so text can only be moved if you're on the UI layer

Title explains it all. I use a lot of the text behavior in my game, and when I try to move objects on the game layer sometimes I accidentally move text. It’s even more annoying if the text’s alpha is set to 0, so you can’t see where the text is. @grazer

Hey @“Biscuit Butter” - it actually used to be the case that you could only move text (and progress bars) when you were editing the interface layer.

I changed it because at least once a week I had to answer the question “how do you move text labels?”, so that behavior was definitely confusing for some folks.

I’m not sure what the right solution is here, any ideas?

Make Labels movable on both? I don’t know, it seemed obvious at first, but then when I thought about it more, it seemed like they would get in the way… In a more extreme solution, just plain give them their own layer… But I’m not certain. I’d go with both layers.

@browngr - they are moveable on both game & interface layers now. The issue that @“Biscuit Butter” brings up is that they can be in the way and sometimes you drag them accidentally. I’m not sure how to make them both:

  • Obviously simple to move
  • Difficult to move accidentally

Open to ideas though.

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@grazer i had an idea about this (or something similar about knowing what layer you are currently editing in addition to the current reminder text) Could the work area screen be slightly different colors? Mid Gray for game level, darker gray for background level and lighter gray for UI layer? Or perhaps different colored object-hover-over halos and/or nodes and wires?

I think it would be cool if there is no interactions with Labels in any layer unless you hold shift.
Or like an “Advance” control layout in the settings.

That would be hard to make obvious for new users though, and would never work on mobile.

Maybe just a “warning”/message on the Text behavior that it can only be moved in the User Interface Layer.
Just like Biscuit said, I also move the labels a lot accidentally.

Just gonna jump in here:

I totally agree with biscuit. It does get really annoying when your making your game and sometimes you move your text by accident. And since I want everything in the perfect place, it does get quite annoying. :confounded:

Honestly to at least solve this issue for me is that you do indeed switch it back to the UI, but mention in the guidebook that you have to go in the UI Layer in order to maneuver the Text. You should get way less questions if you already adress it where new people normally go to for help before they go to the forum. (trust me, while I was a newbie I took a look at the handbook guide a lot, so there would be much less confusion)

I know there are some other things about this that could also develop, but I don’t have a better solution. \(?)/

What I think should be done is that the labels should be moved on the UI layer, but the code block of the label should mention a little note explaining how to do this. Or you can just explain it in the handbook, since I’m assuming many people would be reading the handbook when they are new to Flowlab.