Make object move in infinite figure pattern

theres probably some math out there that does this so mught aswell ask

i just need an object to move in an infinite figure/infinity pattern

Like this?


tisjfxitzjgdtjzjfjfxgkgkzzkf 20 character minimum

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To fix that 20 character thing just type

< aslkdgaldkfhsdlkfjhasdlkjfhasdlkjfhasdlfkjadshf >

but with no spaces.


oh ok

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Even though one can skip writing 20 characters, that limit is there for a reason. Please try to type at least 20 characters in every post.

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Technically it’s just a trick to look like there’s less than 20 characters. The words aren’t deleted when inbetween the “<” and the “>”. They are just invisible, so technically 20 characters were typed.

Bro, people are posting about the character limit instead of actually helping with their problem.
I don’t know how to make something move in an infinity pattern unless you had set up a layout and made the thing follow that layout.

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here’s an equation, do you want me to put it into a game or does this solve your problem?


Desmos Graphing calculator. We use that in school a lot.

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sorry for a late reply but i would totaly appreciate if you put it ingame