Make Proximity Can Activate By All Objects With One Proximity

Screenshot 2024-05-15 7.25.21 PM is quite useful for scan objects, sending signals and impacts by multiple objects very good. But there’s one thing that “Proximity” can’t do is scan all type of objects just by one “Proximity”. For example, here’s the picture of the “Collision” and “RayCast”:
Screenshot 2024-05-15 7.25.54 PM
All of them can be activated by any type of objects they found, except “Proximity” when it can only scan 1 type of object for 1 “Proximity”, I hope developer code this “Proximity” can give it this feature so it can be more convenience and more highly important for coders.

Typically Proximity would be more exact things because it’s more performance intensive than just a Collision or RayCast. Another issue is what it outputs. You can output all the items found, but there isn’t a great way to tell the items apart.

If you’re searching for Enemies, you should have a Parent object you’re searching for.


I mean that I want the “Proximity” to search for all types of objects with only 1 “Proximity”, which means you just need to put 1 “Proximity” in your code, wire output of the “Always” to the “check” of the “Proximity” 's input and then it will search all types of objects but it doesn’t have a specific target type fixed like “Any” of the “Collision” to be able to activate it.