Make two objects connect

Hello, how would I make two objects connect and stay connected while it moves?

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if you’re trying to make both moveable it might be a bit harder than having one object follow another one

If you’re trying to do the second thing you can have the moving object spawn the object that will follow, then send a x and y coordinate through a message (sending to all spawned objects). The following object can take the coordinates and offset them however you like with an equation.

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So what I want to happen is that I want one circle to connect to another one with a line. Is there a way to do that?

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do you want it to be like a dumbbell
or like a string connecting two circles?

do you want both to be moveable, or one anchored in place with the other rotating around it?

So I want to be able to move one of the circles around and the line is constantly pointing and stretching to connect the two together