Make your own music?

I wanted to make my own 8-bit music, so do any of you recommend a certain website that can convert your song to mp3? because i know for a fact that you can only use mp3 links for flowlab.

There are several hundred websites that can convert to MP3. There are also several hundred apps for your phone that can convert to MP3. I use “convert2mp3” for YouTube videos (legally. I use it legally. Don’t download music that has a link to pay for it. I only listen to electronic music, usually from nocopyrightsounds, or some other YouTube channel that lists music made by SoundCloud users, or something. They usually offer free music that I enjoy listening to. Don’t Steal. That’s bad), but you can use whatever you like. Just be aware that if it’s not an https, then you have a chance of downloading something that isn’t an MP3. Also, make sure your Adblock is on. If you don’t have an ad block, you should get one.

Also, I have no idea what app or program you were using to create your music. Most of them just export to MP3 in the first place.

I wasn’t using any program for making music, what i meant was if there was a website that you make the music on then it gives you the mp3 url.