Making good games is hard

Making bad games is easy.

Play my newest bad game!



Is there even a way to not lose?


Yes there is.

Just answer the last question correctly.

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Also, I made fancy thing for the thing so if you type out Nobody in the first question it goes to the next one :upside_down_face:


I initially thought about including a “none of the above” option, but then it wouldn’t be as trollish. It’s not meant to be a true trivia game, it’s meant to be intentionally annoying. Like my “Broken game”. :grin:

Forewarning: I also have at least two more ideas in the works for games that don’t really have any purpose. I’ll try to space them out though in between actual legitimate games. I didn’t spend money on Indie just to make joke games. But hey, you give me the power to make infinite games? Yeah, I’m probably going to make some really stupid ones on purpose just because I can. :laughing:

And especially because making stupid games is a lot easier than making ones that function properly.