Making objects controllable?

So in my latest game, I am making the main menu, but the background is supposed to have an animation, so I made an object that simply isn’t solid. And then there’s stuff in front of it, but it seems to be overlapping it every time I go back to it from a different level… If you need explaining, check it out:

P.S I’d rather not put them in the same animation because both took forever to make… /=|
But if that’s how it has to go then well, fine.

Similar idea in the intro too!!! So there’s two animations because the speeds of things make it a necessity to have two. Although, when the first one finishes and ot emits the second one, it simply just disappears and doesn’t do anything after. /=|

Fixed the intro.

Please guys I still need help on the main menu ASAP. It’s ruining everything!!! )=