Making objects only not collide through certain objects

I need help making two physics objects collide with the level but not collide with each other. I’m aware of the enable block it also freezes the objects and I want them to still be able to move.


This sounds like Layered Collisions

Layered currently isn’t practically possible but are a much-needed feature


So…this is technically possible.
I can think of 2 ways to do what you’re asking, both of which I have not tried yet, because I am hoping grazer will just add real collision layers (or my suggested altenative).

But let’s say you have 3 player objects you want to only collide with the ground and not with each other, you could

  1. Build 3 identical copies of the ground configuration, in other words, there would be 3 separate versions of your game’s ground blocks, likely placed with a couple blocks of room between each group. Then you place the 3 different player objects with 1 on each version of the game world. You also create a non-solid object that looks exactly like each of the players, pick 1 of the 3 game worlds, and use math to make the non-solid players move within that world in sync with their solid counterparts (the camera would be set to follow just that world). I could make an example for this if you really want me to. The downside to this method is you need 1 copy of the game world for every single player object that you have, so performance-wise it wouldn’t be the best.
  2. Or build just 1 single game world normally, but have the 3 player objects set to non-solid but movable and collidable. Then you would need to build a collision system with the ground for them, or just some way to limit their xy coordinates so that they don’t pass through the ground. This option basically entails recreating the player-ground solid collision system from scratch, which could take a while and also not end up running that well.
  3. OR grazer could just add your request as an actual feature (this would be the easiest option)