Man of the House - Update and Comment Log

Hey y’all! Greggo here! I’ve started a project that so far I’m pretty proud of. It’s a game (obviously) called Man of the House! I’m going to be gradually given more info and whatnot about the game until it’s finally ready for the public!

Hope you all get as excited as me!

For starters, I will say that it’s a 2d first person game that will give a 360 camera illusion. Here’s a little peek:

MotH Screenshot-1

It’s obviously far from done so stay tuned for more information, screenshots, and gameplay!

MotH Code Screenshot
MotH Game Over Screenshot

Here’s a look at some code and another quick peek at the game so far. I’ve got the basic gameplay down and I’m working on refining the 360 camera illusion and aesthetic.

Game looks cool, cant wait to play.

Thanks @“Mushroom Productions”! Glad you like it so far!


Working on expanding the rogues gallery!