Maniac Pumpkin, read this! [I datamined "The Facility"]

i mean as in die in game.

anyways Ive been workin on this game


Well, “Danylo” only dies in the game, when the player so chooses to or make a mistake. If the game was fully finished, there would be a chance to beat the game without dying.

When i made the game, i intended on multiple endings. If you did die, the game would just restart or back to a save point, as if it was universe that resetted when “Danylo” dies since he isn’t meant to. You are supposed to escape the Facility, or that’s one of the endings.

yeesss i love that idea! I hate when the player dies as the ending caus that means all your hard
work is for nothing


There was, supposedly, an ending where that was a choice. Since all of the entities, mostly Subject: 009 or “Jeremy”, were about the Facility doing what they please, the player has a choice to nuke the place and prevent the entities from escaping the place as well. Or you could escape and have the risk of an entity following you out.

When the nuke goes off, you can’t really run from it at that point, so you sacrifice yourself only to keep the world at peace.

add a secret ending to. maybe if you get a seceret item to the end of the game you unlock a new ending

Well, I probably would have since there are a ton of different entities that have interesting abilities that could maybe introduce another ending. But I never got that far into the game, all i got was just a simple demo.

The game I’m currently working on has three endings. There’s the freedom ending, devastation ending, and hero ending. And you die in the hero ending, but its the nuke idea again. Since I couldn’t implement it into the Facility, i’m gonna do it in this game.

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what if theres a freindly entity that can EAT other entitys and you can clone it somehow and get a
ending where the clones eat ALL the other entitys in the faccilaty

venus guy trap 010

I could, but I don’t think I could have an entity that can eat all other entities. Subject: 009 is quite powerful. He’s a ceramic skull encased in a gelatinous body of an unknown substance that can chance acidity depending on it’s desire, so whatever eats him, will dissolve from the inside out.
There’s also a secret entity i’m currently working on thats powerful enough to control other entities, such as 009 and 005 (the character you play as in my flowjam.) He won’t be an easy meal.

entity eater.

oh! that guy from rebirth? what if you see danylo in the backround or maybe even help him?

That’s an entire separate game from The Facility. Rebirth was meant to be a zombie apocalypse game, but it was kinda cancelled for the time being as well.

Have you played Flee or Algiophobia?

Algiophobia could be added as an entity, but currently that game doesn’t relate. But someday it might be.

yeah i did it could b e a entity that follows danylo out of the facillaty.

Which entity? A new one? Or an entity from Flee or Algiophobia?

The character in Flee is Subject: 002 (Which is a ball of gelatinous meat, basically) and the entity in Algiophobia is yet to be classified. It might be a multi dimension entity that can only be visible in your mental state and not physical. Which it can’t be contained and it feeds off of the pain one experiences during trauma. Which is why the game is called Algiophobia, fear of pain.

Algiophobia maybe flee to

oh one scientist in flee looks a lot like danylo.