Mario Galaxy Gravity

I was playing around with Proximity today, and put together this Super Mario Galaxy style gravity example. I thought someone here might find it useful or at least interesting :slight_smile:


Someone could make a great game with that, it looks cool on its own :slight_smile:

Interesting how heavy gravity is for a standing jump, but how significantly slow you fall while moving left and right. I was able to transfer between all 3 planets in a single slow falling jump, as long as I was holding a direction and jump at the same time.

I once had several concepts for how to pull off a Zoomer wall stick (the wall walking spike enemies from Metroid), but I’m now more curious in your idea. What is this? A proximity, point at, always motor negative forward, with the object forward set to up? Or maybe forward is down? There might be a flip in there somewhere. If not, I’ll definitely be checking it out in the editor on Thursday.

Didn’t look at it yet, but I already have an idea how it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Just played it, exactly how I’ve expected it :smiley:

This could help with Sonic Undoing thanks