Mario Water Levels

i have recently upgraded to indie, and im trying to figure out how to make water levels in my smb1 remake, is there a way to make mario swim?

If its not just 2D, then you can make a new mario that plays an underwater animation. Like make a different mario that is not left and right.

There is an underwater example somewhere; try searching the forums for it.

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If the water is not solid but has collision, the basic movement bundle lets you “swim” by repeatedly jumping, which is similar to how it worked in the original Super Mario Bros if i remember correctly


But in flowlab if you keep clicking up it stacks, so a small buffer is needed, or just reset the Y velocity then jump like normal.

Nah, what my homie said worked in CubeTales: Sparks of War (level 7).

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Just depends on how you want the movement to feel for it

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I agree, some sort of measure to stop you from shooting up into the stratosphere would be nice